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Today I bring you, yet another review, that involves Cocoa Brown. I'm sorry if you're tired of hearing about them but I really want to review the entire kit, especially because of the interest surrounding each of the products. I want to give my honest opinion on each product that comes in the kit, to give you an idea of what to expect.

I actually wanted this kit for Christmas but managed to wait until the new year sales. I got it, correction, my sister bought it for me, for a very reasonable cost of £9-99 from the beauty site Feelunique.
It's normal RRP is £19-99 and comes in a box which contains, all, full sized products. Starting with the infamous 'Cocoa Brown 1 hour' mousse tan, the 'Tough Stuff' exfoliant and 'Chocolate Whip' moisturiser, including a pink, self tan mitt.

I already have reviews on the tan and Tough Stuff body scrub so I shall keep this as short as I can but with enough information.This review is also based on someone who suffers with dry skin, which can making tanning a bit of a nightmare!

Cocoa Brown '1 Hour Tan'

I have been seriously loving this tan lately, it's all I've been using to get a warm holiday glow. It smells fantastic, develops quickly - 3 hrs to be precise (for my desired colour). 
Its a dry, yet hydrating mousse, which means it won't leave you feeling tacky while it develops. You can sleep with it on overnight if you have a late night with no time to rinse it off. It doesn't stain my lovely, cream, coloured bed sheets but just leaves the usual, fake tan scent behind.

I will say that you do need to use quite a lot of it for a full body application. You do seem to go through a bottle quite quickly and some may find that a bit annoying.
If you are used to a much more wet, mousse, such as St Moriz, you may also find it a little odd to apply the first couple of tries, as I did. Especially, when it comes to tanning your hands and feet. I can say that after much practice, I have no problems with it all. 
 As all tans do, you eventually gain that infamous "biscuity" fake tan scent, which honestly isn't as strong as other self tanners I've tried. Though, I actually don't mind the fake tan scent, I know it bothers a lot of people, but it just seems to be part of the deal!
 Of course I make the odd mistake around my wrists, hands ( the worst) and feet. But overall this is a fantastic self tan. Truly one of my all-time favourites!

Cocoa Brown 'Tough Stuff'

Such an amazing body scrub, great for pre and post tan, to help get a smooth, even application of your tan or help it fade better. It's pink, smells absolutely gorgeous and I love using this exfoliant so much, I have almost finished up this tube already! I've only used it around a handful of times and am running out, which I'm quite sad about. I 
 like this could be a little costly for the upkeep of constantly re-purchasing. But it's the best body scrub I have tried on the market for removing tan and smoothing out my skin texture. I seriously have not had such soft skin as I do after using this. It's so gritty and finely milled, its amazing and my new favourite. I also love to use this before a manicure or just to rid of any dry skin on my hands, it's very good for that as well. But as I said a little costly when you consider how often you use it, especially for those on a really, tight budget!

Cocoa Brown 'Chocolate Whip'

I've been really enjoying using this moisturiser lately and feel like it will last the longest out of all the products. You don't need to use very much but still feel nice and hydrated after use. It's really made a difference to how my tan fades and in a good way. It's not so patchy nor does it fade too quickly but seems to per long the colour and make it last maybe an extra day or two. It contains Vitamin E and Panthenol which is a derivative of Vitamin B5, great stuff for your skin. It smells delicious and is tinted a chocolate brown colour, something that my sister wasn't too pleased with as it marked her new, white t-shirt, brown. But washed out without any problems as it contains no oil, thankfully. She recommends you wear any other colour other than white when using it. 
On the other hand, I genuinely didn't have any problems with it and didn't experience any staining. 
I really like this moisturiser and it leaves me feeling so soft  and smelling gorgeous afterwards!

Overall I think the kit is perfect as each product caters for the other. It has made such a difference to the longevity of my tan, my skin has been so soft and all the products smell gorgeous.
As I said I'm almost out of my first tube of 'Tough Stuff' and going through the tan quite quickly. I have repurchased the tough stuff because I love it so much but don't think I could keep up with it. You do need quite a lot of the product in one use as with the mousse tan itself.

I think if you are considering trying the tan, buy the entire kit and save yourself the £6-something that it would cost extra to buy each, separate product, at a later date. I 
 that because I have experienced first hand just how well they work together. I even have my sister using the brand and she keeps stealing my kit.
When I asked my sister what was the one negative thing about the tan, her words were "It comes off" so I think that's enough evidence, considering she doesn't really like to self tan.

 I would definitely repurchase the kit in the future and think it was a wonderful gift from my sister! So thank you sissy I really appreciate it! It was better than a bunch of my favourite flowers! :) 

I hope this review is helpful and enjoyable to read!

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