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Today I bring you another Brand favourites, this time, all about my top, product picks, for Nivea!

This is a brand that my family absolutely love, even my dad uses their products and he's not into the whole skincare business. His particular favourite product, is the Nivea after shave balm, that he always keeps in stock and asks for it every birthday and christmas!

It's Another brand that provides good quality products for those on a budget and these particular products range from a max cost of £5-35 and under. 
 think the five pounds mark is more than enough for any high street skincare product and I don't really like to go too far above, so I hope this helps those of you on a budget.

Pure & Natural Rich Body Moisturiser 'Dry Skin'

I absolutely love this moisturiser as it contains absolutely no parabens, silicones, mineral oils or colourants. It's really hard to find something like this without a hefty price tag, so the fact that it costs well under the five pounds mark is fantastic! It's really hydrating but doesn't leave me with tacky, greasy skin and has a light, fresh scent. It sinks into skin quite quickly but keeps me nice and hydrated and silky soft throughout the day. I love this moisturiser and highly recommend you give it a go!

RRP £3-69 Available from Superdrug & Boots 

Double Effect Antiperspirant Roll On & Spray Deodorant
 'Violet Senses'

My all time favourite roll on deodorant I have ever tried, it just smells so damn good and girly. I'm not a very sweaty person, I'm always so cold but when I need it to keep up with me as I work, it really does. It keeps me fresh all day long and contains absolutely no alcohol or colourants! 

I also really like the spray on for those hectic mornings when you have no time to wait for the roll on to sink in. A few scoots of this under each arm and I'm good for the day. Again it smells lovely and keeps me dry when I need it too. It's also great for really hot weather to layer over the top of the roll on, especially if you are going to be on the go. It keeps you extra dry and smelling fresh throughout the day, its good stuff!

RRP £2-09 Available from Superdrug

Pure & Natural Day Cream 'Dry to Sensitive Skin'

An absolute, fantastic face cream for drier skin types, it really helps to hydrate and reduce any redness that I may have. It has a very creamy, thick, greasy, texture and so little is needed.  Meaning, that this little jar of 50ml lasts you months at a time!
It smells very fresh and has really helped to ease up my eczema patches and keep them hydrated all day long.
 I actually like a lot of the products from the pure & natural range, in fact I've tried nearly every single one. But this is the best budget moisturiser I have found, that doesn't contain any parabens, mineral oils, silicons or colourants, for my dry skin. It contains chamomile and Moroccan argan oil too, which really boosts hydration, its my absolute favourite! 

RRP £5-35 Available from Boots & Superdrug

Lip Butter 'Caramel Cream'

I really like the Nivea lip butters because they don't feel like I'm just slathering Vaseline all over my lips. I feel like they actually hydrate my lips and keep them from being so sore and red. I don't get dry, crusty lips but my problem is more with the outer lip line, where you would apply lip-liner. It gets so chapped and raw so I love to apply this before I go to sleep every single night and it keeps them in great condition. I notice such a difference if I'm too lazy and don't use it for several nights in a row. I think its quite good and has a lovely caramel scent, its just Yum!

RRP £2-25 Available from Superdrug & Boots

I feel like I'm forgetting some other products, perhaps because I don't have the actual product any longer. But I absolutely love the Pure & Natural range from Nivea because of the lack of parabens and other chemicals. 

Nivea are just great and I'm sure you can find something to suit your needs, from their entire range.
 But If not, then perhaps you ought to check out my Post on My Dove, Brand favourites here.

You may just find something of interest from them instead, so feel free to have a little nosy.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and find it useful!




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