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Today I would like to talk you through my absolute must-have, beloved body moisturisers. All of which, are really inexpensive, depending on where you go to buy them.

You can find these all on offer at some point between popular stores such as Boots and Superdrug. Sometimes I can find them for £2-3 pounds from little random homeware stores, even pharmacies. I recommend B&M's or Home bargains to get them the cheapest!

My skin type is dry, but I hate smothering myself Like a stuffed turkey in a grease laden lotion. I need the hydration but I don't want to feel tacky all day/night long. It's taken me a while to find such products but with plenty of searching over the years and thanks to a few samples, I've found the perfect trio!

Garnier 7 Days Body lotion For Very Dry Skin - Shea Butter
 I got a sample pack sent out over a year ago of this moisturiser and I can honestly say I was so impressed! It left my legs feeling like silk, but not sticky, well hydrated but not greasy.
 I love using this after shaving my legs its great stuff! But for overall body it's absolutely fantastic, I never stop re-purchasing this lotion as I feel I now can't survive without it. It has a subtle, light fragrance and is really easy to blend, leaving my skin supersoft! I absolutely adore this stuff and highly recommend it!
RRP £4-99 for 400ml  or £2-99 For 250ml Available from Superdrug.

Dove Intensive Nourishment Body Lotion for Extra Dry skin- With oils
Another fabulous product, it smells just wonderful and sinks into skin beautifully.
It has a much thicker texture compared to the garnier but melts into warm skin blending easily. I love to use this after a hot shower or bath to let my skin really absorb all of the oils. It doesn't leave me feeling tight, itchy or irritated, but rather very soft! I love oils in a moisturiser because it makes such a big difference! The scent is a little bit strong but after a short while begins to fade and is much more subtle. There are parabens in this one though, but I can forgive it for the great results I get each time I use it! 
RRP £4-99 for 400ml Or £3-99 for 250ml Available from Boots.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Firming Butter 
I accidentally picked this up over the summertime thinking that it was the original stuff in a new packaging. It was one of the better mistakes I've made because I'm obsessed with this stuff! Its paraben free, feels much lighter on the skin than the original which makes it easier to blend in. It doesn't feel greasy or thick but has a nice lotion texture too it and smells great as well.
It does not have the exact same scent as the original but nontheless still a nice one. It sinks into skin pretty quickly and gives me the ability to get dressed much quicker. It's comfortable on the skin and leaves my skin smelling gorgeous and feeling so much softer! A little extra bonus is that the actual packaging provides a pump for quick and easy dispensing!
RRP £4-85 for 315ml Available from Superdrug

I absolutely love each of these moisturisers because although some take an extra minute or two to sink in, I'm never left greasy.
Each feel comfortable to wear throughout the day and in PJ's at night-time. 

Out of the 3, the Palmers Cocoa Butter firming butter sinks in the quickest, then the Garnier and lastly Dove's Intensive nourishment lotion. Each of them have a scent I particularly like and all leave my skin in much better condition!

I love that they aren't overly expensive to buy but are within a reasonable budget range. I highly recommend trying all three and I'm sure you will find at least one to love!

I have left little links to the products directly from the website but there was one I just couldn't find. But as I said check other places local to you and I'm sure they'll pop up somewhere with perhaps even less a pricetag.

If I pick mine up from the likes Of home bargains, I usually walk away with a 250ml bottle of Dove for £1-99 and the same with my Garnier.

I can't survive without them, I constantly repurchase as soon as I run out, which is pretty evident from my Empties videos on my Youtube channel haha!

I hope this helps and perhaps will give you some ideas,

thanks for stopping by,

Have a great week!




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