Hi everyone,

Recently I was given a Christmas present to which I just couldn't resist opening. Upon said opening, I discovered this wonderful set from Soap & Glory, which I was really excited about.

The lovely person who bought me this set has known my hand and nail obsession for years. I thought it just so lovely that someone took the time to buy me something that they knew I'd like. I'm not special at all but this person took the time out to consider my likes and dislikes. If you are reading this post, thank you so much, I absolutely love this gift!

Inside the super cute tin packaging came the amazing, well-hyped 'Hand food' hand cream, a chunky double sided nail file, spa gloves and this wonderful hand mask.

I must admit, I don't recall ever having tried a hand mask before and my hands were in dyer need of extra moisture. Mostly because of the obsessive hand washing I do in a day, but also because I have strayed from my beloved Nivea concentrated hand cream.

I was so excited to try this, but being honest a little bit worried as to how I would cope with having to wear gloves, overnight, in bed, to sleep!
 I thought the concept a little bit weird but I really liked the whole idea of the product itself.

I tend to have dry hands that can get a little bit of a stingy, itchy rash on the back, in the wintertime. It's quite a common thing and I always recommend 'Snowfire' a stick ointment to a lot of people. But since I was bought this I really wanted to see how it would affect it and if it could improve the matter.

Bearing In mind that my hands weren't at their worst and so the rash was just trying to start, thank goodness for this lovely Xmas present. he he!

Soap & Glory 'endless glove' hand mask comes in 125ml squeeze tube and retails for £6-50 and is available from Boots.

Before directly plopping this on, I decided to use my other nail bits n bobs to push back my cuticles, exfoliate them and put a coat of nail strengthener on. Basically, I just completed my whole nailcare routine as the first step. Then waited until the last possible minute before sleeping and applied the mask.

I must admit it was a little bit tricky to get the product out at first, just because it has quite a thick texture.
I decided to use a small blob to begin with, massaging it over my hands and cuticles. I loved how well it spread around and on first impression, made me think this tube is going to last a pretty long time.

I loved the texture because it wasn't dry, too solid or overly greasy and it smells delice too! It's got a floral, fresh and slight coconut hint, it basically smelt absolutely gorgeous!

The spa gloves come with a little white tag for each hand to make putting on a lot easier. So I just popped those on and slept as normal, with the exception that I kept smelling the gorgeous aroma of the hand mask throughout the night.
I actually woke during the night and took the gloves off to see if it had sunk in or turned white and flaky like a face mask. To my surprise, it had sunk in and my hands were so unbelievable silky smooth and soft. 

I've had a stubborn flaky knuckle for weeks and it felt so much better but still there. I decided to add another blob and do the same again, just massaging it all in and over my sore knuckle. Popped the gloves back on and slept til the morning.

I couldn't believe how soft my hands were the following day! I don't think I've ever had such soft hands in such a short amount of time.
It only stung for a few seconds when I first applied it and there was no irritation or burning after that. I was totally impressed!

It's not a miracle product by no means but the improvements were very noticeable. Even after having washed my hands and taken a shower they still felt soft.

I applied a thin layer of the hand cream to finish which came as part of the set and my hands were so so soft. It was like the icing on the cake, the cherry on top and the perfect finish to a great at-home manicure.

Throughout the rest of the day my hands felt very soft but I also felt like they were a little tacky. Perhaps tacky isn't the right word to use, just a little slippy, particularly on the palms of my hands. 
It didn't bother me too much but just thought I would make mention of it to give this a fair review. Sometimes we can love products so much that we don't make mention of any slight negatives.

The scent stuck around with me all day as well, which is something I personally liked and smelt everywhere, including my bedroom. 

I think this product is wonderful and an extra special treat for the hands. I actually wouldn't mind getting my hands on their foot mask to try out as well. I think that the combo would be a really nice addition for a pamper night, which you all know I just love to do.

It's been 2 days since I last used the mask and my hands still feel soft, it really has made such a difference, I cant believe it!

I plan to use it again tonight because my knuckle is flaking again but the rest of my hands are fine. This is something I will include permanently using in my nail care routine from now on, it's just that good.

One thing I should like to make mention of is that the mask does contain parabens and although I'm not a fan it just works so well! If there was a dupe for it that were organic I would certainly try it out. But for now I am more than content with this amazing hand mask.

I really like it and highly recommend it if you have dry hands or are someone who washes their hands quite often. Even for those who have zero time to look after their hands properly this would be perfect.

 It gives your hands a little moisture boost and keeps them in seemingly, awesome condition . It does all the work for you, It's a quick and simple remedy and that's something I'm always on the look for.

If you have ever tried this mask let me know what you're thoughts are and if you have tried any others that you may want to recommend.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post,

I hope it helped!




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