Hi everyone,

Today is the day I share with you my favourite beauty products for the month of October.
 I haven't blogged one of these in such a long time, so I felt the need to update! 

 'Palmers Cocoa butter Firming lotion'
This product has been an absolute must have for me this month, especially with the cooler weather. I love that it's a lotion and not as thick as the original cocoa butter products, meaning it sinks in much quicker and you don't feel tacky and gross. It leaves my skin so soft but has a firming effect which, I'm loving as my skin feels that little bit tougher. It doesn't smell exactly like the original but has a slightly different scent which took me some time to get used too, but smells great nonetheless. I just love that it comes with a handy pump as well. 
RRP £4-85 available from Boots 

'Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan'
 Yes I'm still regularly self tanning and this month I have been non stop reaching for this one. I love that it dries quickly and the colour is perfect each time, regardless of my previous issues, I've now got the hang of it and I love it! My only gripe with it is the patchiness I get with fading, I blame this on my odd dry skin. It gives me a nice little glow but nothing too dark or superficial, its just perfect and Ive almost run out! Sadface :(
RRP £7-99 available from FeelUnique

'Dove Summer glow'
 Although I didnt mention it in my youtube video, I have started using this gradual tan again. But just on my upper body to keep myself from looking grey. Apparently, nowadays, I like to have a little colour throughout the year, and that's because of this amazing product. A subtle glow that takes of the pale tinge and brings me to life again, I adore this product so so much! and its our 1 year anniversary, awww! how sweet hehe! 
RRP £4-99 available from Superdrug

'Creme Of Nature Argan Leave in Spray Conditioner'
 The best one on the market in my opinion as I have tried so many, none other work for me quite like this one does. It smells like sweet custard and has two layers, one is the Argan oil and the other, the conditioner, which contains proteins to strengthen hair. You have to shake the bottle to combine them together and when you spray it in your hair smells so divine. It helps to detangle my hair and gives it a real good shine, Love it!
RRP £ 4-68 Available from Amazon

'Nivea Pure and Natural Day cream for Dry/Sensitive Skin'
 Its paraben, colour, silicone and mineral oil free and super hydrating for those of us cursed with drier skins. It smells fresh and feels cool to the touch, its an amazing moisturiser for your face and in my case, doubles up as an eye cream also. 
Its the best budget, skin friendly moisturiser for dry skin that Ive discovered on the market and again, I love it!
RRP £5-35 50ml Jar Available from Boots 

'Balm Balm 100% Organic Rosehip Serum'
 An amazing mixture of organic oils to help heal scars, redness and hydrate skin. It smells amazing and I've been mixing two little drops with my Nivea day cream to get an extra moisture boost for those cold winter days we've been having. A little bit more on the pricey side but well worth it in my opinion. It doesn't feel too heavy on the skin and really does work to hydrate and give me back a glow!
RRP £13-25 For 30ml Available from FeelUnique

'Avon True Colour Blush 'Russett'
(Name has been changed to 'Ideal Luminous blush')- The perfect Autumn/Winter blush that has a beautiful warm reddish tone too it, but somehow still brings a little glow to the skin. It mostly suits darker skin tones but if applied with a light-hand can look wonderful on fair faces too. I just keep reaching for this colour, its so pretty!
RRP £ 6-50 Available from Avon

'Fergie Outspoken Intense Perfume For Avon'
 Waow! I just love the scent of this perfume, it has a fresh floral tone with warm intense notes as well. I don't particularly love sweet or overpowering scents and this one is in my good books. I just love the sexy musky warmth it has, as well as the slightly fresh floral kick. It's perfect for both daytime and those romantic date nights. My entire room smells of this perfume and I just keep grabbing for it!
RRP £15-00 for 50ml Available from Avon

A few nail polishes -

1.) Maybelline express Finish in 'Racing Rubies' 
An amazing wine colour with orange shimmer throughout, perfect for this time of year! 
2.) An Emerald green by Studio 
 I have been loving those jewel tones for my nails, and this is just beautiful, it might be cheap but the colour, I adore.
3.) NYC Smoky Top coat 'Rock Muse' 
 I'm not one for glitter on the nails but I just love this topcoat, 2 very thin layers over the top of my green nail polish and it looks as if my nails were dipped into a dark starry midnight sky, Love this!
  RRP £1-99 Available from Superdrug 

That's it for this months favourites, sorry for the lengthy read!
Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to share yours!

Talk soon,




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