Hi everyone!

It's that wonderful time of year again, when it's freezing and snowing and you can't wait to get home from work, for a hot chocolate and your fave, snuggly PJ's.
I LOVE it!

I particularly love it because, luckily my birthday is just 4 weeks before good old Christmas and that means double the presents! :) 

But one thing I don't really love is how dull my skin becomes, how chapped my lips get and how messy and flat my hair can be.

Today, I have chosen to share with you all, 5 of my essential beauty products that get me through the winter time.
I don't feel like I could survive it without them and of course there are multiple products I could Have chosen, but I just adore these products. They work so well and deliver the much needed good results every time.
My winter fail safes if you will, so lets see exactly what I use and what my favourites are!


This can be an absolute lifesaver, especially if you have just walked into your workplace with flat, damp, hair. It gives back a little volume to your roots and refreshes your hairstyle. It's also handy for those, O so Freezing, snowy mornings when you can't be bothered to wash your hair! A quick spritz of this and a messy up-do is good enough for me.
My choice of dry shampoo at the moment is, 
'Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry' RRP £2-99 Available from Superdrug


I love lip-balms, but I don't like the ones that refuse to actually absorb and truly hydrate your chapped lips.
I've never been a Vaseline fan as I hate that suffocating feeling I get and it doesn't do anything for wind burned lips.
I don't get really flaky lips but I do get a burning, soreness with lots of redness and I need something to apply everyday. In fact, I apply my lipbalms several times a day, but the most important time, is just before bed to keep my lips plump and well looked after. I've tried so many and have discovered only one, so far, that seems to work and isn't too pricey either.
My choice of lipbalm is,
'Nivea Lip butter 'Caramel cream' RRP £2-25 Available from Superdrug


I am a hand-washing freak! I hate my hands getting dirty because of the germs and bugs that go about this time of year; and I don't want to get sick. 
I need something ultra hydrating that can keep up with me and the amount of hand-washing I do in a day. 
I discovered this amazing handcream around 6 years ago because of my field of work and my hands were in such bad condition. I was dealing with a lot of ill folks and that's where my handwashing obsession began! hehe! This was the only product that saved them and kept them smooth and in great condition.
It feels like a thick, silicone primer and again I smother this all over my hands just before bedtime, by morning my hands feel much better. Goodbye chapped, red knuckles and man hands :)
'Neutrogena concentrated handcream' RRP £3-65 for 50ml Available from Superdrug


I've dealt with dry facial skin over these past 2-3 years now and my skin can't tolerate powder overload.
A good cream blush is my makeup essential, It's fresh, clean and youthful looking and super pretty.
I prefer a pretty doll pink that flatters my pale icy skin or lightly golden when I'm wearing tan.
Pink is such a flattering colour and this particular product is beautiful!
It doesn't contain any shimmer, it doesn't feel greasy and it lasts really well on my skin type.
My cream blush of choice this year is,
'Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts in Paper Roses' RRP £1-99 Available from FragranceDirect


Please don't be put of by this one because I'm not talking a full on bronzed goddess but rather having, a light, golden warmth.
I don't want to look as if I have been on holiday at this time of year, but just as if I have a natural warmth to my skin. It brings me back to life and saves me from looking dull, sick and grey. 
This is my second Winter using this particular product and it gives me just the right amount of colour with one layer. I never build up more than that, as that's when it starts to look false. It's my holy grail all year round tan, but I use it more-so, during this season than any other. 
I never look orange, overdone or jaundice, as some lighter self tans can do. But instead I get, a rather very pretty sun-kissed look that I just adore!
My fake tan of choice is,
'Dove Summer Glow Normal to Dark skin' RRP £4-99 Available from Boots

That's everything that I use to get myself through the winter time and I couldn't tell you how much of a lifesaver these products have become. Especially the dry shampoo and handcream, which make for a great emergency supply kit in your handbag. 
I highly recommend giving these products a whirl if you've never tried them and let me know what you think of them.

I hope this helps some of you out and gives you a few new ideas,

Take care everyone and stay warm!




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