Hey Guys!

Yesterday whilst I was out doing a little shopping, I spotted this amazing nail polish top coat. It was dazzling under the bright lights in the shop and I just couldn't resist, especially since it only cost £1-99!

I'm quite the little fan of the brand and NYC nail polishes are just so cheap and cheerful and do the job well. Sure they don't last long, but if your paint your nails often as I do, then it won't really matter.

I'm the type of girl who paints her nails 2-3 times a week. Of course that all depends on how lazy I feel hehe! Having Painted nails just makes me feel much more of myself and a little bit glam.

This is a top coat as I said and I've never been a fan of anything involving nail polish glitter because of how difficult it is to remove. But what I like about this one is that it has a black nail polish base running throughout and so the little specks of glitter don't overload the nail when applied. Resulting in a lot less acetone being used in the future and saving my lazy butt a lot of time and effort he he!

Its 001 'Rock Muse' and contains both huge chunks and little bits of glitter particles, it creates a really lovely effect and would totally jazz up your dark winter nail varnish collection.

I applied two very thin layers just to get a nice even coat and I just love it!
 I already had applied a dark green nail polish a few days beforehand so I went ahead and layered it over the top. With the black base in the top coat nail polish, my nails looked as if they had been dipped into a dark starry night sky. They look amazing, perfect for Halloween and even upcoming Christmas parties and certain family members are trying to steal it from me already, Ehem.. Sister!

I highly recommend it, its too cheap to say no to and the effect it gives is like a snapshot of outer space, I really love it! 

Whoever says cheaper nail polishes are rubbish, eh? They are O so awesome! :)



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