Rimmel Match perfection foundation, another one to add to your collection? Perhaps, but only if you have normal or dry skin, I certainly wouldn't recommend it to the more oily skinned gals out there.

I absolutely love this foundation for its dewy finish and hydrating formula when my skin is throwing a tantrum and is extremely dry. It's quite a liquid like foundation and is very thin in texture, which in return doesn't offer much coverage but is a great one for a natural finish to your look. It doesn't cake but also doesn't set and perhaps a light dusting of powder is required to keep it lasting a little bit longer and your blush in place. 

I wouldn't recommend this foundation for nights out but certainly for day to day use, you know, for the office or running errands, whichever it happens to be. The longevity all depends on your skin type and I would get around 5-6 hours of wear without feeling like I've lost half of my face. 

I think that colour range with Rimmel as always is off and finding a suitable shade for your skin tone may be a bit tricky. If you are very fair this particular shade won't work but if you're more olive-ish it certainly will. There are ...... shades to choose from and some are more pink toned than others and do get quite dark all of a sudden, you seem to go from fair to medium shades quite quickly and so I don't feel like everyone will be able to find their perfect match. However, if you do, I say pick up a bottle because it's so affordable and gives skin that real morning glow that most of us don't naturally have.

It's the perfect barely there foundation with radiance and a handy pump for dispensing. Speaking of which, one pump is more than enough to cover your whole face and I personally like to use a buffing brush or my Barely Cosmetics beauty blender, which doesn't absorb all of your product for the perfect finish. If you have really dry skin like me just pat the foundation on to the skin with the buffing brush, otherwise you're going to look a complete mess, as with any product you use. Always pat, never rub or scrub at the skin, be gentle!

Overall, I really love this foundation and think it to be one of the better ones from Rimmel. I'm not on to my 3rd bottle and still really love the finish and the fact that it allows me to hide some of my imperfections, just not all of them.


  1. I have oily skin, and this is my favourite foundation ever!:-)

    1. Really? that's awesome! It has such a glowing, natural finish doesn't it :)


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