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Today I'm going to review yet another self tan for you, this time its a brand from Northern Ireland.
Its called 'Baby B Browne' and is available for purchase through their website at


This was kindly sent for review and I have to thank the Baby B Browne team for giving me the chance to try out their product.
However, this does not change my opinion and will still be my usual honest self when reviewing.
 I must admit I was really excited because this was my first ever product sent for a review. I was only expecting a little sachet or small bottle, but they were kind enough to send out the full sized product. So thank you Baby B Browne!

Product Info

It retails for £14-99 and is available in one shade only, that being 'Medium'. 
You get 250ml of product, which apparently works out as 13 full body applications at a small  cost of £1-15 each.  Now that is seriously cheap, especially since it can last up to a full 7 days before fading and having to reapply.
One thing I was really pleased about was the fact that it's made to use on both face and body, I hate having to use separate products, so an all in one is just great!

The packaging is clean, minimal and professional looking, although I'm never really fussed over 'Looks', all that matters to me is the actual quality of product. 

It comes with directions on the back, how to apply, the developing time, and also reveals that it is animal-cruelty free. The one downside was the fact that there are quite a few parabens in the ingredients list, If you know me then you know I'm not fond of them. But I was willing to push past this since even my favourite self tanners contain parabens 'Dove Summer glow' being the main one.

Application & Texture

As always when it comes to applying tan I use a self tan mitt, it seems to eliminate any chance of streaking and help to perfect results.

Unfortunately, at some point in the delivery, the little pump dispenser was broken, and that made things a little tricky. But I just pushed it back on during use, and I still got even amounts recommended to apply to each part of my body.

The first thing I noticed was the texture, it was like a creamy pudding and didn't spill out all over the place. It stayed on the mitt and felt very light, but hydrating.

It spreads really well, it smooths over without a glitch, causing no application problems whatsoever. It felt soft and I got so much out of just 2 pumps. I was really impressed and application was a dream compared to other tans that I have tried.
It glides on and is very lightweight, I didn't feel too tacky once it had settled, I felt as If I'd just applied a light moisturiser.

If you are a self tan beginner, you may need help with application, and they have a little guide you can follow to help you on your way.

Guide Colour

The guide is a dark chocolate, pinky colour and was deep enough for me to see it in both natural daylight and darker rooms. I love a good guide colour and I really like this one because it's not always bright enough during the day to see your tan. But with this one I had no issue, and no mistakes were made I totally applaud Baby B Browne for this.

Once the guide had settled into my skin, it looked like a golden brown and my skin was glowing which you will see from the pictures. My family thought it looked amazing, not orange at all, and I was really excited to let it develop.


The initial scent is also something wonderful, it smells like a combination of Vanilla toffee and hot chocolate, Yum! It seemed to last forever and it was around 3 hours later that the scent began to change. By that stage it was more of a baby oil/ wipe scent, with a slight pang of the infamous fake tan scent. Even that didn't smell horrible, as friends were asking what body Spray I was wearing because it smelt lovely.

Developing Time

It develops within 4-8 hours which I just loved because that meant not having to wear it In bed overnight. 
I wore it for 5 hours on my legs, and 6 for my upper body during the daytime since I had free time to do so.

I love having slightly more control over the development of self tanners and this was one I was really happy with. If you have read my tan reviews before, then you will know I don't like to sleep with tan on. I prefer to rinse of after just a few hours so that the tan cannot go too dark a shade.
However, this tan also gives you the option of being even darker. If you aren't happy with the medium shade, you can reapply after 12-24 hours and it will be much darker. Its great that you have so many options with the development of this tan, and its very rare to come by.

The Results

The results were just gorgeous, and rinsing of the colour guide was a dream and my skin felt very soft.

I applied the tan last Friday on my legs and was so happy with the results I applied it to my upper body the following day. This is something I never do, but I was just besotted with the results I had to have the tan all over me.

Its a medium, golden brown with no patchiness, streaks, or any trace of orange. 
It looked amazing and I was so pleased that I think I have forgiven Baby B Browne for the parabens used in the product. 
I couldn't believe the results, and I received lots of compliments from family members, parents included. They didn't think it was orange at all. I always check with them because I don't want to look like an oompa loompa. They are always so honest and have seen some bad tans in their time haha!

 I never want to look orange and I didn't with this tan. I even have family asking me to use it on them so they can be as tan as I was.

I absolutely love to use this self tanner now and has become one my all- time staples. I love it for special occasions or just whenever I want a deep holiday glow that brings me back to life, I highly recommend it!

So I'm going to give this tan, a big fat 4/5 as it applies evenly, smoothly, it smells wonderful, and does last up to a week. The colour is so perfect and for the first try the results were amazing, I am so impressed.
The only negatives for me personally are, the parabens used, and the patchiness of my lower arms at the end of the week, but that's it.

I hope you liked this review, I hope it helps,

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you to Baby B Browne,




  1. Lovely colour, i'll def check this brand out x

  2. Ya, its really good, love it because I'm sooo pale! lol x


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