Hi everyone!

I've been wanting to try this new self tan for the past few weeks now, especially since it amazingly develops in 1, Single, Glorious hour!

I just happened to be in Primark at the weekend when I heard the super girly, pink canister, screaming my name from behind the counter.
I was shocked to find it in a clothing shop, but nonetheless, super impressed and quite excited to get my hands on it!

Available from 

It retails for £6-00 for 150ml of product, however, if you can't find it in your local Primark then check out Feelunique for £7-99 (full price) with free delivery!

Packaging & The Tan

It comes in a Bright Pink, mousse canister and is paraben free- which I just Love in a self tan.
On the back it provides Marissa's own set of tanning instructions, just to help guide you on your way.
It also tells you what to expect from the tan and how long it will last.

 What makes this product even more exciting is that its an Irish Brand!
I just loved it even more when I discovered this, as I'm Irish myself and love to support our own Brands!


I applied this with a mitt by Velvotan that I found in Tesco recently for £2-99, its the cheapest I could find and they do the job well enough.

The actual canister itself, comes with a protective seal that you have to break through and so dispensing the first blob takes a little bit of effort, but without the need for Superman.

Its a very lightweight mousse, and a very different texture to my St Moriz, it feels slightly drier and more like an actual hair mousse.

It doesn't ooze all over the place like my St Moriz, but seems to stay in a clump on the mitt, resulting in less of a mess.
I found that I needed to spread it quite fast to make sure I had applied it evenly and got it on the areas before it had dried in. It seemingly doesn't like to spread around too far and so I had to use quite a lot of product to cover the whole area.

 Although it dries almost instantly, it didn't leave my body feeling dry or itchy, in fact, I felt super soft and hydrated, which was quite pleasant.

Colour Guide?

Thankfully it comes With a colour guide in which is more of a Caramel hint, than the typical dark olive green shade. I love colour guides as it allows you to see where you need to apply your tan and can help prevent mistakes.

Unfortunately, I actually found this one to be a little too light, and I couldn't really see it all that well in natural daylight. But I do think I could get used to it, and hopefully will get better at applying over time. I guess I'm just used to applying dirt coloured guides, he he!


The initial scent is so wonderful, it smells like freshly sliced Watermelon, but isn't overpowering in any way. Its fresh and light and a lot more pleasant than any of my other self tanners.
Even as the tan developed I couldn't too much of a 'Biscuit' scent, when I did, It was towards the end, it was barely anything and I really had to sniff!

The only time I have that fake tan scent, is when I sleep with it on overnight, which is very rare. But be aware, just like all other self tanners, this one has the "scent" as well, but is definitely not as pungent as some of the other brands!


2 Hours Later and I really began to see a nice light, golden, been kissed by the sun, tan, colour. I took a shower and rinsed of the colour guide which had deepened slightly.

My skin felt very soft afterwards and the colour was beautiful, a nice golden glow and I just couldn't believe only 2 hours were needed to develop this colour. 

The before and after was really quite noticeable, but unfortunately the tops of my feet were patchy and I had Missed a few areas of my legs. I knew I wouldn't do very well with such a light shade of colour guide, but further practice should make perfection, fingers crossed!

 My arms were a little patchy, my face turned out fine and my back and stomach were as even as I would normally get from my regular self tanners.

The results are not orange in any way, but is quite a similar shade to what I would get from my Dove Summer glow, and you all know how much I love that stuff! I had a beautiful holiday glow, and boy do I love that!

To Sum Up Things...

There were a few negatives in this review, but this is just a first impression and I think I will try to play around with it more and hopefully, begin to love it.

You know I have to rate this based on my first try and so I think I will give it a 3.5 out of 5.
Its lost points, for the, too light of a shade of colour guide, it went patchy and needed a little buff to even out. The product was also little bit tricky to spread around, and just one application, required a lot of the mousse.

 I can't see this canister lasting very long and perhaps won't get many more head to toe applications. This could prove to be an issue in the long run and for those of us on a budget, a money issue.

Honestly at the moment it hasn't beaten, nor replaced my love for my regular fake tan favourites.
However, I look forwards to playing around with this self tan more and hopefully will be back with a much more positive and exciting review in future and without an issue at all.
Hopefully it will become an absolute favourite, a must have and will be recommending it to all of you fake tan lovers.

That's it for this first impressions review, I hope it helps and you liked it!

If you have tried this New self tan, let me know how you got on and what your results were like!


Have a Great Day!




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