Long has it been since I first found the St Moriz Mousse Self tanners, and ever since that special day, it's always been my favourite 'Quick' tan that I always go back to.

After having tried the light and darker versions, I much prefer the 'Medium' as its just the right shade of colour that I want from this type of self tanner. 

If I want a light everyday tan, then I will reach for my beloved Dove summer glow instead.
The colour I get from this is exactly what I like for special occasions and even faking that 2 week holiday glow. 

I love that its a mousse because it isn't as messy as liquids which means it dries a lot faster, so less waiting around looking like an idiot in oversized clothing!

It comes with a pleasant, and purse friendly price tag of £4-99, but if you are like me, a bit of a bargain hunter, one can find it for much less. I like to check stores such as B&M's, Home Bargains and even local pharmacies, sometimes finding it for around £2-3 pounds, depending on where I go.


I apply this with either a mitt or gloves, it all depends on how I'm feeling, because with a mitt it applies evenly and quickly.
However, with a pair of gloves, the colour is more intense, but there is a lot more effort required.
Either way, I never get streaks, patches or make a mistake and the colour guide definitely helps you on your way. (Thank you St Moriz for the colour guide, you geniuses!)

I apply 2-3 pumps per leg, and 1-2 per arm, simply so that they both match and don't look like a different shade from one another.

The scent isn't that bad either, at first you will find you smell fresh and I secretly love the scent, but as with all self tanners the "Scent" starts to come through and you smell a little like spicy biscuits he he!. Honestly though its nowhere near as bad as a lot of other tans, and I personally, am not all that fussed. But for those of you searching your hearts out for that one tan that doesn't smell of fake tan, this is not for you.

The developing time is the best part for me, simply because I don't have to sleep with it on overnight. It develops within four hours, FOUR HOURS!! its amazing, because I can apply it during the day and rinse of later. I hate having to sleep with tan on overnight and with this I don't have to.
I usually apply this shortly after tea time and dance around doing whatever else while it develops, then 4- 4 1/2 hours later plus a shower and, WALLA!! I'm done!, bronzed and feeling good!
There is absolutely no hint of orange which makes this even more wonderful, and that's because of the olive green undertones to this tan.
It looks so good on my very fair skin, don't be afraid of the shade because if you do what I do, it looks natural and as if you have been on holiday for 3 weeks. (Not as if you have rolled yourself in Cheese Doritos)  :)

Now there is a decent amount of aftercare required for me personally, and that's because of one thing, DRY SKIN. I find this to be a common issue with all my self tans, this one included, otherwise I'm left with a patchy, itchy and uneven tan.
 I prefer to exfoliate every other day, keep well moisturised and shave often, as this tan can build up, fade patchy and leave tell tale signs, that you are wearing false tan.
 I'm not sure how it works for anyone else, but this is my own personal experience and I have used this for years.

If you yourself, have dry skin, don't just expect to prep the skin beforehand, but look after it really well and you will have a prolonged golden, and very even tan.
It can last up to 5 days on my skin depending on how well I look after it, and even after that I still have colour,.
 As part of my aftercare I like to top it up with a thin layer of my beloved Dove Summer glow gradual tan to help it fade away more evenly.

Overall, I have always adored this brand and will for a long time, I love the colour, don't mind the scent and love how much more healthy and glowy it makes my skin look. Plus who on earth would want to complain about the price, its ridiculously cheap and will always have a place in my beauty stash and heart!

That's it for this post, I hope you've enjoyed reading this and I will talk to you all very soon!




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