Good Evening everyone,
Tonight I wanted to talk about my little Summer addiction that takes place every single year, and even my family know it!
I seem to become Coral in the Brains, I just love wearing Coral in the summertime, it enhances a tan, its warm, bright and so pretty.
 I love it so much that every year without fail, you will find somewhere on my body, a hint of the fabulous colour.
Whether its my nails, makeup or clothes you will most likely find me wearing it everyday until the summer dies out.
I've always been like this, when I was a young teen, it was Coral tinted lip balms and coral cut crease eye shadows with gold all over the eyelid and a slick of black liner.
It just makes me happy to have a different colour to wear, it reminds me of summer, the beaches, the barbecues the tans and the bright nights.
What can I say, this colour really cheers me up, who doesn't love a little Coral, eh?
This year of course I have some new Coral toys that I want to show off and share with you all.

This year I managed to snap up two, but my absolute favourite has to be Avon's own Nail wear Pro+ in the relevant shade 'Coral Reef'. I have worn this non stop, I take it off and reapply it all over again, in fact, I'm even wearing it right now!
The actual formula isn't great but the colour pay off after two coats is just perfect and definitely a favourite this summer.
 The lasting power is usually 3 days for me which isn't actually all that bad, considering I don't use a base nor top coat.
The next nail polish is Rimmel 60 seconds 'Instyle Coral' whilst I find this to be more of a peachy coral shade its still so pretty and two coats of this is just enough. It also dries a lot faster, which is great for when one is in a hurry to get out the door, but hasn't adorned herself with some shade of Coral for the day.

You may have read in a previous post about these new Dainty Doll Blushes of mine, if you haven't feel free to right here.
I managed to get them for only £1-99 each from the website fragrancedirect, which is an absolute bargain!
Both are of course Coral, but neither are the same in texture, I bought a cream and powder formula.
They are so pretty either worn alone or layered together, the cream first, then the powder for extra lasting, staying power.
The cream is known as 'Orange County Girl' and the Powder is called 'You are my Sunshine' cute names, Huh?
These blushes have the most beautiful gold sheen to them and apply like a dream, the glow they give of is so beautiful and I really, really like them.
They are literally summer in a compact for me, so beautiful!

This years favourite lip products are both from Avon Strangely, and I haven't loved an Avon lip product in quite a few years.
The lip gloss 'Coral Explosion' is my total favourite, and although to the naked eye is just another bland coral, it has the most gorgeous rainbow glitter the whole way through it.
It picks up the sunlight beautifully and my lips dazzle in the sunshine, they look hydrated and super glossy.
The taste is actually quite nice and the texture isn't gloopy at all, nor is it watery, its just perfect and the pigmentation, wonderful.
The Lipstick 'Caressing Coral' is an amazing one, its so vibrant it really pops a tan and makes the teeth look so much whiter.
It smells nice, it lasts well and feels very moisturising for my poor dry lips, its so gorgeous and my favourite lipstick purchase of 2013, thus far.

These I reckon will probably most like it into another post very soon, and I do intend to show you my summer makeup look that includes some of these products.
I will have some pictures and a talk through and a link to watch the video as well on my YouTube Channel, so keep an eye out for that.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post,

Let me know what your favourite colour is for summertime and how you like to wear it!

Have a lovely Evening!




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