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If you know me at all, then you will know that I do love a little bit of tan, that is, every now and then.

I like all sorts of variations of Self tanners, but one thing that must be consistent has to be the shade,
natural and not orange.

Sometimes I like a deep colour and other times just a little hint that makes me look as if I've been away on a mini break to the South of France and been kissed by the beautiful Sunshine.

Recently I have been going for the more natural approach and with being bored of my same old Dove, I wanted a new toy to play with.

I cant forget to mention that, a few weeks ago I was tanning myself in the sun with good old SPF50  and still got burnt, the natural colour I got from that was very uneven, so that's where this new tan comes into play and I must say its a gud'n!

I purchased this from a Local Pharmacy for around £5-00 for 250ml and its Paraben Free ( Huraaaay!) However you can find it here in Boots Or Superdrug for £5-35, actually, come to think of it, I think that's how much I paid for it ha!

It comes with a handy pump and I must say the initial scent, is really quite off putting. It has a strong Chemical Scent laden with a hint of chocolate. I was quite shocked since I use the regular Palmers Cocoa Butter as my everyday facial moisturiser and it smells ah-mazing! I wonder why this scent is so different?

I applied this by simply using my hands, starting on my legs, gradually working up to arms and face. Yes, that's right, I tried it on my face too.

I can honestly say I really like the texture of this, its not greasy in any way, its easy to blend in, even though it has no colour guide.

Its just really simple and quick to apply, 5 minutes was all it took and I was ready to sleep the night away. Another thing that I noticed was that I felt a lot more comfortable sleeping with it on. It wasn't greasy or super tacky it just felt like a very light moisturiser had been applied and my skin even had a glow to it.

When I woke up in the morning, I had a beautiful warm tan, about 2-3 shades darker than my beloved Dove Summer Glow. I took a shower as the stink was unbelievable, it stunk out my bed sheets really bad, but there were no tan marks at all! My advice would be to open your windows before you sleep. You wont stink of fake tan, just a weird chocolate and chemical mix.

But I can't deny I absolutely loved the results it gave me, it blended so beautifully with my natural tan that I had gotten the week before. It evened out my skin tone and matched my real tan perfectly and I got so many compliments on how well I looked.

The only real downside to this product thus far, is ultimately the Smell, its really quite bad, and its not the typical fake tan scent. I feel that its actually worse than My Dove Tanner, and even it stinks.

But the colour is seriously beautiful and that's why this Gradual tan is a winner for me. I feel like one application is enough colour for me, however I like to top it up every 2-3 days to maintain it.

Unfortunately though, I wasn't planning on reviewing the tan and haven't taken pictures since, so I shall remember for next time!

I should also say one other thing, I have dry skin and so fake tans do not fade evenly for me, this one is the exact same like many others. So this tan will work very differently for all skin types, just keep that in mind.
Hope you have Enjoyed this quick review!

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