Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog,
If you have read a few old posts or watched my YouTube channel then you may be aware that I am a huge fan of organic skincare.

I personally love understanding and having a knowledge of what I'm using on my face and body. Its both a blessing and a curse nowadays because I know I use beauty products with harmful chemicals in them.
 Everywhere I go and every product I want, I go straight to the ingredients list and decide whether or not I will purchase.

I'm all about budget skincare too and that's where my obsessive searching carries on and leads me to try several products at a time. I understand that it isn't very good for my skin, but I like to take my time before deciding whether or not a product really is all that great.

This is where my 'Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz' comes into play, it retails for £4-99 comes in a 150ml bottle with a Spray bottle cap and basic packaging which can be found in Boots stores or online here.
 It contains zero Parabens, and when you turn to the ingredients list you will find It to be very basic.

Containing Aqua (A.K.A Water), Alcohol Denat*, Glycerin, Rosa damascene flower oil, and Citronellol, sounds quite promising doesn't it. At first glance I was really impressed that it didn't contain anything else, usually the less the better. It's quite lightweight too which is great for travelling and comes in completely recyclable packaging and the ingredients are a guaranteed 100% no nonsense beautifier.

The reason I purchased this was to help boost moisture levels, reduce acne, and set my makeup.
You see I have learnt that rose hip oil is excellent for acne scars, pigmentation and calming inflammation thus reducing placement for acne. I had hoped to love this product, and I really liked  the idea of a spritz here and there and within a few weeks noticing a healthier complexion.

However, after learning about the ingredients a little bit more I found that it was doing more harm than good. Taking alcohol Denat as the prime suspect for my extra dry skin and itchy face of late, I learnt that it is really actually quite drying and dangerous.

I always do my research and after doing so, I discovered what its used in and no longer wish to use this product.
I had an idea that this product was causing my drier, and super irritated skin since its the only new product I've use on my face in a weeks.

Just because its derived from an organic source does not make it less of a possible complication. It has irritated my skin and I will not be using it again. I do advise you yourself to search Alcohol Denat and I'm sure as I did you will find a lot more information.

I found some from Wikipedia, which is just one of the many places to read up about it,
I learnt that's its not only found in our skincare products but can be used and is primarily for cleaning.
For example its used to: Clean Windows, mealybug extermination, as a cleaning aid in removing ink stains from clothes, as a fuel for marine and ultra-light camping (backpacking) stoves, as a cleaner in daily housekeeping products, and even as a fuel, etc.

Information sourced from Wikipedia:
I'm not going to lie, alarm bells were going off in my head when I read that. It scares me, and why on earth would I want to use this on my face?
The sad thing is that Botanics is not the only skincare brand to use this in their products, so always read the label and do your research.

In all honesty I probably would have continued to use the products had I not had a reaction the stuff, it felt cooling and I enjoyed using it. That was, until about the 4th week when I  started having some serious dry, flakiness and couldn't wear any makeup whatsoever.

 The mist itself is quite fine and only takes a few seconds to air dry and as for the scent, its not bad. Just be sure to hold your breath, close your mouth and try not to squirt it into your eyeballs.
Overall I'm really disappointed and am currently trying to repair the damage and heal the irritation, just another thing to add to my list :(

So its a NAY for this one,

I hope you found this post helpful,

As I always say, don't just take my word for it, I never mean to tell anyone what to do, try it for yourself and let me know how you get on with it!

Talk soon



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