Hi everyone!

 I've had this quite a few months and so I think its only fair I do a review for everyone!

 I'm sure everyone has heard of OPI, it seems to be a well known brand all over the World and this was my first ever purchase.

I think that OPI and their Polishes are quite well above the 'Pricey' side and I thought it best to get something I would use more than just a coloured polish.

I bought this from Amazon and only Paid £10-00 for it as it was on offer at the time, its usually a very costly and in my opinion ridiculous price of  £18-65 and is also available from Boots.
My nails are naturally weak and peel a lot due to health problems and I really wanted something to help build up them up a little.

I'll get straight to the point, it worked! I wasn't expecting miracles but this definitely impressed me and did such an amazing job!

 After a month of wearing nothing else but this, my nails were growing long and didn't bend as easily as they used too. The peeling had stopped and for the first time in a long time I had gorgeous long and much stronger nails.

Much to my regret, I decided to wear normal coloured nail polishes again, and found it completely undid everything this product was working on.

I immediately stopped painting and another month of just wearing this worked the exact same way.
I feel like this is one to be used solo and doesn't seem to work when used as a base coat.

I love painting my nails but every few weeks I'll give them another couple of weeks good break to recover from all the chemicals, all I use is this and there is a noticeable difference.

Even my mum said how amazing my nails were looking and she could see and feel such a difference!
Right now I'm off my break and back to painting them but I'm sure ill be using this again and building my nails back up.

I really enjoy using it, it leaves my nails super glossy and the only negative thing about it, is how strong the scent is.

It would wipe you out so make sure you are in a well ventilated area, windows open and you can breathe, because this stuff smells lethal!

Next time I remember and take a few weeks break, I'll snap a pic of before and after so you can see the visible difference for yourself!

Do I think it worth the money? simply put, Yes I do, and I will repurchase the moment I've run out.
I am quite tempted to try more of these nail strengthening polishes, but this one is my first ever and will be a memorable one!

I hope this helps



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