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I don't know if you have heard or even are aware of this new brand of Make-up brushes called 'Zoeva'
But they are available from a beloved website of mine called
They sell make-up and brushes from all sorts of brands, both for professional make-up artists and the average beauty lover.

Zoeva Background

Zoeva is a German brand and so these brushes were originally only available in Germany, but thankfully have managed to come across our British waters and into our UK beauty site, and here we are.

I must admit I was a little bit frightened to go crazy and spend a lot of  money on brushes from a brand I had never heard of, nor tried before, and so I only purchased only the two.

I have to say I am in L-O-V-E, Love with these brushes, they are so soft and I'm very impressed.
The brushes are totally Vegan and cruelty free, which just put a huge smile on my face, as I hate animal testing and cruelty.

The Brushes

To start of I purchased the #227 for only £5-30, which is for blending eye make-up, but can be used to blend out concealer as they are streak free and super gentle.
The brush feels sturdy and is easy to handle and work with, blending is a complete Joy. I love the simple design and the ombre bristles make it totally visible to see when its time to clean them!

The other brush is the #142 for just £6-25, which is the concealer buffer.
I wanted to buy this weeks ago and decided not to, only to later regret it after finding they were out of stock later on. This brush is such a dream to work with, a sturdy quite heavy handle and again soft bristles.

I used both brushes today, the buffer to blend concealer over my acne spots and the soft definer for under eye concealer and blending out a Smokey eye look
. Both did a great job and felt very comfortable and not in any way, scratchy.


These brushes come in this cute little pencil case with a label on the back telling you the number and what each brush is used for. I thought it was such a fantastic, lovely idea, I didn't even want to take the brushes out to use, and so I've kept the little cases! they are too cute!

Inside the brushes are wrapped in a plastic pocket thing and the whole presentation took me by surprise. For paying such a small cost they go all out to impress you and I am sure of it that people will be going crazy for these brushes!

 To Sum Things Up... 

I highly recommend both brushes and look forwards to getting my hands on some more.
I have my eye on their angled blush brush, a liner brush and another blending brush.
 They are such affordable brushes and totally exceeded all my expectations!

I have washed them a few times and only experience 1 or 2 little hairs falling out and that was it. I haven't had any shedding problems when applying my make-up or washing since. I have heard that this is a common thing for most new make-up brushes, and thankfully wasn't anything awful.

I can't believe how inexpensive and how amazing the quality of these brushes really are, they are superb. 
I'm so glad that are now selling these, as I now know I can get them any-time I want. 

Speaking of which, I have never had any issues with and the delivery is prompt and efficient. They are a lovely company and I do recommend them for any other make-up bits or brands you wish to try out!

I hope this review helps,

Thanks for taking the time to read this post,

Have a lovely Mornoonnightevening everyone!




  1. Are all their brushes cruelty free & vegan?

    Thanks :)

    1. Yes all their brushes are cruelty free, however for the vegan free - you need to purchase the vegan brush sets, they are a little bit different I believe. Here's the link:

      I hope that helps :)


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