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Grab a cuppa tea and get yourself seated, Tonight's post consists of the much loved, raved and talked about makeup remover, enter *dramatic music*

Bioderma Background

First of all, for those of you who just have no clue what I'm talking about, this is a French skincare brand that was designed by a bunch of dermatologists.
Apparently, it's just another regular product on the shelves of French pharmacies, yet here in the UK, girls have gone crazy for it! Even the French cant understand it.

 Bioderma has a huge range of different products which cover all different skin types, they provide skincare from sun creams and cleansers to moisturisers.

 The Bioderma Micelle solution is simply a water-based cleanser to help remove your makeup and cleanse sensitive skins, hence the 'Sensibio' title, which simply means for sensitive skin.

On the back of the bottle it tells you how to use it, what its for and of course the ingredients list.
I bought this to primarily to remove eye makeup, but of course I knew it would progress to the rest of my face makeup. This product is recommended for people with dry, sensitive skin with redness, which totally describes me.

Available from

Bioderma Micelle solution is available in several different sizes 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml.
Prices do vary and for a long time it wasn't available in the UK, just recently its started to arrive in our Pharmacies, previously I purchased mine from Ebay because I could always get a good deal.

Here are my Ebay Sellers, to which I had no problems with:

I've had this cleanser over 3 weeks now and after I got through the smallest bottle, I still couldn't decide if I liked it or loved it, so I purchased the next size up.

How do I use it?

 I like to use several giant cotton pads and found that for a full face of makeup including Smokey eyes, I found it took a lot of the cleanser to get it all off. 
After using 4 pads, which were completely saturated, my mascara was still not entirely removed and bits of foundation still visible.
I don't use any waterproof makeup so I couldn't understand why I still had patches of makeup in places, so of course I went and washed my face afterwards.
I am quite gutted that I still have to wash my face after, but then again what cleanser takes of every layer of makeup?

The Positives 

  It gives a lovely cooling sensation and didn't sting or cause my eyes, nor skin to go crazy with itch.
 It doesn't leave my skin tight or dry, but smooth and a tingling fresh feeling. Its a strange product because it leaves quite a matte, slight powdery feeling on my face but I don't know how to explain it, but is in no way greasy or over drying.

To Sum Things Up 

Do I think it to be worth the money and the hype? No, I think there may be better products on the market. However I am going to finish this bottle and get back to you with another mini review/ catch up in the near future.

 But I paid £10-00 for a 250ml bottle of product that doesn't really do for heavy makeup removal, nor do too well with mascara.

I like the idea of it very much, but when you add up the cost and how much of it you go through per use, its quite a costly beauty product, that isn't a fantastic, must-have item.

I like the idea, love how gentle it is, but just wish it didn't require me to have to use another cleanser afterwards and wipes to remove remaining mascara.
I do feel like I could find something much cheaper that could work better, which, if I do, will be most certainly raving about here on my blog.

All recommendations are welcome, I would love to hear your thoughts on Bioderma if you yourself have tried this product.

I hope this helps,

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this, have a great weekend!




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