Hi everyone,

I purchased these products last year and it wasn't my first time buying the Wake me up foundation.
I really like Rimmel as a brand, and it was one of the first ever brands that I had tried makeup from, as a teen.
 I think that they have done really well over the years, and their products are even better nowadays.
The foundation prices vary, depending where you buy it from, but I got mine for £8-99 here at Boots 
 I bought the lightest shade in the foundation range and its known as 'Ivory 100'.
I really like this foundation as it provides light-medium coverage depending on how much you wear. I like to use it with my Beauty blender and it just gives the most flawless finish and works well for my dry skin.
However, I should mention that It is rather dark for it being 'Ivory' but I have found this to be a common issue with all of the Rimmel foundations.

But its not too much of a problem since I usually only like to wear it when I have been fake tanning. Since I don't tan my face, the colour matches my body perfectly.
I find that it barely clings to my dry patches and leaves my skin feeling quite hydrated throughout the day. I sometimes like to use this with the Rimmel 'Fix & Perfect Pro Primer' just so it lasts longer on the particular days I need it too.

 On the other hand I do get quite a few hours of wear out of this foundation without using the Primer. I would get somewhere between 6-8 hours which I think is pretty average for a foundation anyway.
I should mention that it does contain shimmer particles which can show up when the Sunlight hits your face. If you are not a fan of shimmer then I wouldn't try this foundation, however it doesn't show up on normal dull, grey days, on my face. I like the subtle shimmer in this foundation as it gives the Radiant glow that the bottle mentions.

The concealer is pretty much the same, but it has more yellow undertones to it than the actual foundation. It retails for £5-49 and again you can get it here at Boots  I purchased the lightest shade of the range '010 Ivory' and I like it too.
Although this doesn't conceal much, I find it quite hydrating and is best applied under the eyes over my corrector. It has a little light reflecting effect and makes my under eyes appear brighter and smoother.
It definitely has light coverage and wont cover any acne spots, maybe the odd tiny pimple but nothing larger or overly red.

Its doesn't seem to settle into my fine lines too quickly, but as with most concealers after a few hours you can start to see it settling in.

Overall,  If you are naturally, a pale chick like myself, I don't think this would be an ideal foundation for you to try. But if you fake tan, have dry skin and don't mind a bit of shimmer, then I would highly recommend it, its not a bad foundation at all. I like it and it gets a little thumbs up from me.

As with the Concealer, it is best for under eyes and a little redness but if you have anything more you would like to cover up I wouldn't depend on it.

Its hydrating, makes my under eyes look brighter, and has a nice texture.
 But again I only use it when I've been tanning as its just too dark for my pale complexion.

I quite like them and think I would repurchase both again, besides they are really quite inexpensive and can be found on offer in several different places.

I hope you like this review and thanks for taking the time to read it,

Have a lovely evening,

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