I have returned with a review for my first ever corrector/concealing product, which is of course by Bobbi Brown.
It retails for £18-00 and you can purchase it here at Debenhams, since that is where I ordered mine from. You only get a very small amount of product of 1.4g, which is pretty expensive, but its Bobbi brown and just screams luxury.
Now to start of, if you don't know what a corrector is, and am wondering what the hec I'm talking about. A corrector is simply something that fixes a particular issue, a coloured concealer or even a primer that can cover red marks, brighten up the skin, and cover dark under eye circles. It all depends on the colour that you choose, for example, green is a good corrector for red marks, such as acne spots etc.
I purchased this product with my dark under eye circles in mind, so I got the shade light bisque, which is a salmon pink toned shade.
Its quite a thick product and can be a little difficult to blend, and it can be quite cakey if you use too much. However by just using a very small amount and a patting motion this covered my dark circles really well, and I immediately noticed a difference.
My under eyes looked brighter, less prominent, less dark and quite pink. Then by simply applying a very lightweight, regular concealer over the top, it just made things look much more normal. My eyes looked so much better and I was really quite impressed with this product.
It was my first ever Bobbi brown purchase and I was really happy with the results.
 It managed to last all day without any touch-ups or powder. I never usually powder my under eyes anyways, since I do have dry skin and it would just cake the product up even more.
I found the best way to use this was to pat over the area, don't rub or try to blend with a brush,  just use your ring finger, and the warmth of it will melt the product nicely.
I found the corrector to have some light reflecting capabilities, which is just wonderful when trying to hide something like dark circles. In my opinion the brighter the better, and its less noticeable when you use something like this, rather than a super light concealer. I'm not a fan of using super light concealers under my eyes, as I find it to highlight the problem rather than help hide and cover it.
Now I will say that it can be quite drying and can settle into fine lines pretty quickly, that is even without the use of a regular concealer on top.
On the other hand I wasn't too upset since I did kind of expect this to happen, as I already have dry skin and fine lines around my eyes. This happens with most concealer type products for me, so it wasn't such a shock. But for those of you who expect this to just sit well and not do that, perhaps this product isn't one for you to try.
There are other brands that make these Corrector/Concealer type products, and I am considering trying some to see if they work better or just the same.
But for now I am very content with this product, mostly because its pink and just corrects the purplish-blue tones around my eyes. I use it every time I wear makeup and my family even notice a major difference, plus I get quite a lot of compliments when I do use it and with that, gain a little confidence boost.
I don't know if I will repurchase this product again, perhaps I will try another brand that provides the same effect. So all recommendations are welcome, perhaps you know of one that isn't as drying for folks like myself. But at the moment I am over the moon and love being able to hide those nasty dark circles.
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