Hi everyone,

I've now owned this product for a full year, and so I thought it was time to update this post and tell you all why I love it so much.

But first a little background...

Last year it was coming up to my Birthday and I had heard how good oils were for dry, acne prone skin and decided to give it a whirl.
I had my eye on the BalmBalm Little miracle Rosehip serum for some time and so I decided to treat myself.

It's Available from FeelUnqiue and retails for £13-25 for a small 30ml bottle, but trust me this will last you a full 12 months.

I adore this product because it's free from all sorts of nasty chemicals and parabens too.Its 100% natural Organic and they do not test on animals!

It really hydrates the skin and leaves it with a subtle glow, depending on how much you use.

Now I only use this product for my face, neck and decollete, nowhere else, so I can only speak for the results from that.
I have dry skin on my face that can become quite flaky, particularly around my nose and chin, especially in winter time.

But I have found that If I mix 2-3  little drops of this in with my Moisturiser, I get so much hydration.
My skin hasn't been as dry, it always smells wonderful with the mixture of oils and my makeup goes on much smoother.

In the beginning I was only using this to treat my acne pigmentation marks, but have found quicker results by using it for dry skin.
It contains Vitamin A, C and has fatty acids with plenty of other oils mixed in and that's why I have noticed such a difference with my facial skin.

In recent weeks I have been using it every single day, twice a day and I just adore it so much.
It doesn't feel too heavy nor leave me looking really greasy and feels quite comfortable to wear all day long.
It smells like a mixture of herbs with a hint of Turkish delight, which at first I hated but have come to love in more recent times.

It's great for those miserable colds and flu's to boost hydration and keep your little nose from cracking and getting sore. It's definitely a good winter must-have product if you want to help your skin survive the constant battle, between the freezing outdoors and your gas/oil heating!

I have also found that it takes down a lot of redness in my skin, keeps it calm and less irritated.
It speeds up the healing process after an acne breakout, though I haven't noticed a great help with the pigmentation marks that are left over. I don't feel its really doing much for those, but perhaps that's because of how purple mine can get.

I think its a wonderful oil and am glad to say that they have now repackaged the product into a little dropper bottle. When I first ordered mine it came in this pump bottle which didn't work very well resulting in quite a loss of product.
I have now almost run out and so I myself went to a local pharmacy and purchased a little dropper bottle of my own. I can say, that I much prefer it like that and so I look forwards to getting my hands on a newer one.

Overall I have to give this oil a 5/5 and I don't have a bad thing to say about it, which makes me so happy!

So if you have dry skin that can get sensitive, perhaps a little flaky and dull looking, then I highly recommend it!
I promise it does give such a nice little glow to your skin and brings it back to life again.

Let me know if you try it and what your thought are!




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