Today is the day that I finally get round to talking about one of my absolute favourite self tanners, and no doubt, the best gradual.

I've been using it for well over a year now and find myself grabbing a bottle any time I see it on offer in stores, Its just that good!

I am naturally very pale and I have no natural flush to my cheeks, which usually leaves me looking quite ill at times.
I do love a bit of self tan every now and then as it just totally cheers up my appearance and makes me feel that little bit more confident.

But one thing I cannot stand is the high maintenance that self tan brings, it's just too much, and I don't like the hassle. So you can be sure if I'm not wearing any of my others, but still look tanned, I will most definitely be wearing this, it's my 'holy grail' of  fake tans.

Dove gradual tanner is just perfect for me and I love the shade ' Normal to Dark skin' as its the most natural light brown/tan shade.
I don't like looking orange or super dark, and this just gives the perfect hint of a tan, nothing superficial or super noticeable, that is, after one application.

You can build with this gradual tan and sometimes I like to use it over two consecutive nights and I am more than happy with the colour it gives. You won't ever go darker than a medium colour if you build this up and no matter what, you won't look orange either!

Now I know that a major problem for a lot of us is the smell that fake tans give off, some of them are absolutely disgusting.
This one is actually quite lovely, it does smell of the Summertime, quite fresh and fruity, but as with all tans, the smell does change a little.

After a while the fake tan smell does come through, but I don't find it to be overbearing or too strong, I love the scent and as it develops I feel like the scent changes with it.

I personally like to apply it about 2hrs before bed and I usually ask a family member to apply it to my back for me, he he, thanks family!
It's so simple to use because it is, just a moisturiser, but am always careful to make sure I really massage and blend it all in well.

I then let it just sink into my skin and dry for 5 minutes before I put my PJ's on and sleep the night away.

I do prefer to sleep with these types of tanners on overnight as the developing time is usually 8+ hours and I don't have the time during the day. (Plus there is no embarrassment of people smelling the tan when I'm wearing it!)

I leave my little window open for some fresh air and to prevent my room from gaining a funky fake tan scent, I do this with all my self tanners.
The following morning I take a shower and the colour that I'm left with is so lovely and natural.

I always get such lovely compliments on how well I look and how natural the tan is, they never even guessed I was wearing fake tan to start with.

I totally love this stuff and find myself constantly repurchasing and going through bottles and bottles of it, I even have other family members and friends hooked!

It's truly the best of the gradual tans and the only one I constantly go back too! I love this stuff!

I hope you've enjoyed this review and find it useful,

Feel free to ask any other questions about this self tanner,

Have a great day!




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